Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ohhh the joy of asking for your help!

So as you know, I'm a fan of making up my own recipes. I feel if I don't, I'm stealing ideas from other people-- Although I ALWAYS doctor up the recipe somehow to fit my tastes a bit more...
However, I have found quite a few recipes I'm in love with that I NEED to try!

I'm extremely excited for Halloween. It's been one of my favorite days since I was a kid, I mean.. Free candy and scary costumes and parties and candy and fog machines and candy and masks and candy! Who wouldn't love this holiday?!


I have a festival coming up, Halloween themed of course, where I know I'll be making AT LEAST 200 cupcakes... Stoked? Yes. Nervous? Definitely.
This will be the first time I'll have baked so many cupcakes for one event...
In my tiny kitchen (Literally the fridge door hits the counter on the opposite side of the kitchen when I open the door...)
With my tiny oven
and my limited amount of counter space
But thankfully I'll have some help from my best friend (if she's still willing) with decorating which would be good :]

Okay, but what I need from you...

Here's a list of the cupcakes I'm thinking of doing for the festival. I don't want to bake more than four types and 2 of the 4 are going to be basic white and chocolate flavors... Sooo... tell me which two of the list I should take with me to the festival!

-Caramel sour apple
A sour apple cupcake (spiked with a bit of sour apple pucker) with caramel frosting, topped with a caramel apple sucker
-Butterbeer (yes as in Harry Potter butterbeer)
A cream soda cake with butterscotch frosting and a little edible broomstick
-Cherry Coke
(Im aware this isn't very halloween-esque) A chocolate-cola cake with cherry-chunk icing and a chocolate cherry glaze
-Shards of glass 
A white cake with strawberry-cherry filling topped with a "shard of glass" (hard sugar candy) and cherry glaze

Let me know which of these two you think would be the best fit to take to a very diverse crowd of people. :] Thanks!!


  1. I vote for caramel sour apple and butterbeer! They all sound yummy though! I'm sure whatever you decide will be awesome!! :)

    Love ya!

  2. Forgot to mention::: FOund those recipes at confessionsofacookbookqueen.com
    She's fantastic and has loads of awesome recipes