Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The begining

So, upon thinking, I have decided to share my life of cupcake making with everyone who wants to read :] I figured I would start with the beginning of my baking!

A few years ago I worked at a Wal-Mart bakery. Now obviously, all of their stuff is frozen and thawed out when they get cake orders in. So, I didn't bake, but I did decorate my ass off. After 14 hour shifts everyday and cramping hands from piping bags and nightmares of not fully thawed buttercream icing, I never wanted to pick up a frosting spatula again.

Wal-mart did teach me a few tricks to piping, but i still didn't bake, and I hadn't gotten any better at it. About four months ago, I tried my hand at cupcakes for a True Blood premeire party I was having at my house.. And I fell in absolute love all over again.

All I wanted to do was bake and decorate (and I must admit, decorating is my favorite part!). But I found a new hobby and a new de-stresser. Something soothing for my soul i guess.

Since June, I have come up with over 50 different cupcakes and have baked at least half of that. Everyday I research different pairs of flavors and ideas, decorating tips and baking tips. I pretty much fantasize about going to hobby lobby to buy new tips and cupcake tins. I want nothing more than a bigger oven to do this in! 9and maybe some more counterspace wouldn't hurt)

So, as I try to get this business up and running, I would love to take you on the journey with me :]

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  1. ummm.. u didn't work 14 hours a day.. just sayin.